Fluxbox Tray Menu

If you want a fast way to reach your Fluxbox menus when you're using all your screen, your problems are over.

Now you can use the Fluxbox Tray Menu to put a icon on your toolbar, and when clicking with the left button, your Fluxbox menus will appear!

It's very simple to use.
Download the sources, install it with

make install
insert the icon reference to it, using your Fluxbox menu file, as
[begin] (TaQ's box) </home/taq/icons/fb.xpm>
execute the ftmenu file or put it in your .xinitrc file, and it's done. :-)

Here is a cool icon to put on the toolbar to activate the menu: Fluxbox Tray Menu icon

P.S.: Fluxbox Tray Menu can work with PNG files also, but you'll not see the images on your right button Fluxbox menu.